Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 3 - Rain and Boyd

Yesterday started off pretty miserable with a cold rain.  Again leaving me thinking I came down for this weather?  So it was a slow start to the day, which included another healthy meal, this time at IHOP.  It is truly funny to me that almost all conversation here revolves around horse, definitely a bit different from my everyday back home.  It's also cool that almost everywhere you drive you see rigs of big name eventers.  It truly is an eventing mecca here.

So luckily the afternoon yesterday dawned sunny and 60 degrees, it was truly lovely.  I worked Ianto on the flat, where he was ok, but kept neighing to Catty.  Maybe by the end of the week they will get over that, but I'm not so sure.  Then I loaded up Catty to take her for a lesson with Olympian Boyd Martin.  I was worried she would be a bit crazy, as she hasn't really settled in well since we've been here, she hates changes in her routine.  However, she came off the trailer calm and relaxed, thank goodness.

She was absolutely wonderful in the lesson.  We got some great things to work on, including getting deeper to the fences, and holding my upper-body over the fences.   He complimented us, saying Catty is a tidy jumper, and after we put in a decent round of fences he said it looked like I had done a lot of jumping in my time.  After jumping in the ring we worked a bit in his water-jump, and Boyd had me canter around to a rather large table in the water.  I was a bit nervous cantering around to it as we haven't jumped xc since last fall, and I was thinking do not screw this up in-front of Boyd.  However, Catty jumped it well, which led to the highlight of the day when Boyd said I have a cool horse!  It was wonderful to feel like Catty and I are on the right track.  Today she will have an easier day as we plan to XC school tomorrow.  Fingers crossed we are ready for our first event of the year this Saturday!

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  1. Good Job Catty!! That is terrific, hope she shines on Saturday. I'm glad that Boyd liked Catty, and worked with you on holding your upper body.

    Are you going to do a lesson with Ianto too?

    Isn't it cool to be around horse people and talk of nothing else. Makes coming back to reality, no fun at all.

    Don't eat too much at IHOP, or you will look like me :)