Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 2 - Settling In

Yesterday was a great day, though the weather certainly wasn't ideal, only getting to 50 degrees and rain off and on.  However, I had a terrific time riding my two horses and two others, it has been such an educational experience already.  Catty is still being way too attached to Ianto, and quite barn sour, but we still managed a good jump school.  She jumped quite well, especially when I was able to get her to focus.  Ianto went on another hack and schooled a couple more XC fences, and he was wonderful.  He seems to be getting braver and much bolder to the fences.  He really enjoys when we gallop a bit across the fields.

I got to jump another horse, which was a wonderful opportunity for me to work on my riding.  I also got to gallop a lovely mare that was terrific fun.  The day also included a trip to the feed store, where I got to see the exhorbitant costs of hay, yikes.  One of the highlights of the day?  Breakfast for lunch at Waffle House, not the healthiest, but oh so good.  I have noticed while the locals are certainly friendly here, they defintely move at a much slower pace than people in the DC area.

Off to start another day.  It should be a big day as I have a lesson scheduled with Boyd Martin.  I'm praying that Catty is on her best behavior.

Dressage/jumping area at the barn.


  1. Yeah Carolyn,

    Sounds heavenly to spend entire days with horses and not with work. Hope Catty stays focused and that Ianto continues to be brave and bold. I am sure he loves cross country, more exciting and less to worry about than in the ring.

    Looks lovely in Aiken despite the rain forecast. Hope it warms a bit and that you have a really super lesson.

    Remember I too have several horses you could come and ride, gallop and jump :) That is if you need more experience.


  2. Glad to hear you are having fun....Waffle house oh yeah!!!