Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 1 or How to Change a Flat Tire

My first full day in Aiken was certainly interesting.  To start with my two horses are being very high maintenance as they are completely attached to each other.  Catty especially is not being on her best behavior.  We went on a lovely hack, and even after going way out she was still calling back for Ianto back at the barn, not that he could hear her, crazy mare.  Ianto, though, once away from the barn was absolutely fabulous.  He was great on the trails and we did a mini XC school over the jumps along the way and he was terrific.  I could tell he was so proud of himself for leading the way over the jumps, and he really seemed to enjoy going up and down the small bank.  Besides riding the two horses there were the usual barn chores, and soaking up the beautiful sunny 70 degree weather.

The excitement for the day was when I went with my trainer to take two of his horses to a local farm.  Sounds pretty usual, right?  Well we are getting one of the horses ready, chatting with the farm owner and hear a loud bang, then what sounds like air brakes.  We all look at each other, like what in the world?  Turns out one of the trailer tires blew while we were sitting there, and it went flat in record time.  So after the two horses were worked my trainer got the tire changed, which required us finding random pieces of wood to get the trailer up high enough to get the tire off. Luckily all ended well, but it defintely added some excitement to the day.

Well time to get another day going.  I have been terrible about taking pictures as I seem to constantly be on the move, but I will try to get some today.  

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  1. I so envy your going out on two horses for a great trail ride. We had 50 degree temps, but 70 sounds so wonderful.

    I hope that was the tire of the trainers trailer.